Earthy Showers is a boutique firm based out of Bangalore, India that specializes in artisanal, cold process soaps, skin and hair care. We started with artisanal, cold process body soaps in 2017 and moved on to other skin and hair care products along the way. Our creative passion stems from our firm endeavour to provide you with products that not only cleanse and moisturise the skin gently but also nourish it so that you look your radiant best always.

Each and every creation in our line of handcrafted soaps and skincare is  formulated using high quality, well researched ingredients like steam distilled essential oils, mineral rich clays, unrefined butters and botanicals which are safe for your skin and also environment friendly.

Being an artisanal business, we create each and every product from scratch with utmost care and involvement.  Our products are sustainable and don’t add to the ecological carbon footprint.

Bottomline, we love what we do and every creation is an offering to our customers whom we hope will cherish the emotions and efforts behind it !!